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    Bovine Colostrum – Nature’s recipe for staying healthy!

    Recently we participated in a natural health supplement conference and I was struck by the number and variety of natural food products that were offered.  Most everything I saw was derived from plants, vegetables, fruits, grains, or nuts.  These were common foods converted into powders, serums and extracts in the effort of delivering concentrated levels of nutritional benefits.  I learned a lot and could see that each product provided something that would help promote good health.

    Compared to the other natural food supplements our product was distinctly different.  Our banner read “Bovine Colostrum” and it caused many to stop and ask a lot of questions. As I was able to speak to more and more people I realized how difficult it was to tell the whole colostrum story in a few quick minutes.  Unlike many of the other supplements, bovine colostrum has over 90 different components, each with unique benefits and as a combined substance provides a multi-leveled approach for improved immune function, tissue growth and healing as well as fat reduction and increased lean muscle development.  As I was talking I realized that what I was saying almost sounded too good to be true.  It was at that moment I knew I had to find a way to explain bovine colostrum in a compelling way that would help people fully understand its importance as a natural supplement for improving our health. 

    I decided to think in terms of food and thought colostrum could be best described as a recipe – that is nature’s recipe.  In this way I knew people could appreciate the sum of its parts and the unique health benefits of each. I also felt people would understand that when ingredients are combined the result is a masterpiece, superior to the individual components that created it. This comparison is the perfect way to try to understand bovine colostrum. Each ingredient has an important health role and when unified the result is a recipe for immune support function, respiratory infection support and athletic performance and lean body mass support.

    Bovine Colostrum – Nature’s Recipe

    1 part - Immune Factors and Regulators

    Provides antioxidants, increases resistance to infection, helps to regulate inflammation, supports immune function, resistance to cancer, and promotes tissue growth and healing

    1 part - Growth Factors and Hormones

    Provides increased resistance to infection, helps to regulate inflammation, supports immune function, promotes tissue growth and healing and reduces fat and increases lean muscle

    1 part- Nutrients and Vitamins

    Provides antioxidants, increases resistance to infection, helps to regulate inflammation, supports immune function, promotes tissue growth and healing and reduces fat and increases lean muscle


    Collect bovine colostrum from Canadian dairy farms within the first 6 hours of birthing, test and ensure potency, purity, and safety.  Using GMP’s (good manufacturing processes), convert liquid into powder.  Excellent for; immune function support, upper respiratory tract infection support and athletic performance enhancement with increased lean muscle mass.

    Enjoy capsules and chewables with a large glass of water and add the powder to your favorite smoothie, juice or yogurt.

    Wishing you good health!




    The power of nature’s science

    Dairy cows play a dynamic role in our survival.  This animal provides us with our daily supply of milk, cheese and yogurt all of which contribute to a healthy diet.  What most people don’t realize is the dairy cow also provides us with colostrum.  Colostrum is the pre-milk fluid that is secreted immediately after birth.  All mammals produce this and it is one of nature’s powerful ways to protect, activate and regulate our immune system when we are born.  Similar to how we are able to drink dairy milk; bovine (dairy) colostrum is also appropriate for human consumption.

    For years livestock producers have counted on bovine colostrum supplement powder to enhance the newly born animals to ensure each is supplemented sufficiently so that their immune systems are well protected for survival.  Historically around the world people have recognized the benefits of bovine colostrum for themselves.  Places like India, China and Europe have embraced bovine colostrum as an immune boosting supplement because they know it offers protection from virus, bacteria and fungus.  Australia and New Zealand have been studying and consuming bovine colostrum with great confidence and consider it as common a supplement as a multi-vitamin. It is clear that bovine colostrum is serving both animals and humans well.

    In North America, we understand the importance of vitamins but rely heavily on pharmaceutical antibiotics as our main remedy.  As we learn more about natural food supplements we are beginning to embrace the importance of alternative health solutions to enhance and improve our lives.  Our attitudes are becoming more open toward “green” solutions from everything such as recycling to organic gardening. On some level, we all understand that nature has been designed to maintain proper balance for all living things, and within nature lies secrets that once discovered are incredibly suitable to supporting our lives and improving our wellbeing. In light of this new western attitude our scientists and researchers are increasingly studying nature’s bounty to produce products that help us live healthy naturally.

    Canada is a global leader in the development of natural resources and technologies and is known for its high level innovations.  Subsequently it is no surprise to learn that Canada is also a leader in the production of high quality, high potency bovine colostrum for human consumption.  The Saskatoon Colostrum Company Ltd. located in Saskatchewan is Canada’s leading manufacturer of bovine colostrum for livestock, pets and humans.  Equally important are the regulations that govern Canadian dairy farms.  The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) prohibits the use of synthetic hormones (since 1998) and ensures that antibiotics, if used, have strict withdrawal periods and cannot enter milk or colostrum for human consumption. The Saskatoon Colostrum Company processes raw colostrum exclusively from Canadian dairy farms to ensure first-in-class colostrum products.

    The human immune system is designed to ensure protection from microbes or pathogens.  Playing the role of a surveillance team, our immune system identifies all infectious agents that breach the barriers of our skin, gut or respiratory tract tissues.  Once detected our immune system works to eliminate the threat.  The first line of defense, along with the physical barriers, are the anti-microbial substances present at the mucosal surfaces including molecules such as lysozyme which is naturally present in saliva. 

    As one of nature’s perfect foods, bovine colostrum provides excellent immune support and works to prevent the colonization and invasion of pathogens that enter through our mouth and nose. It contains anti-microbial and immunoglobulin factors which greatly enhance the levels of anti-microbial substances to our oral passage mucosal surfaces.  Specifically, lactoferrin is a very important component of colostrum.  It is a unique anti-microbial in that it acts against all pathogens. Lactoferrin is able to incorporate itself into the mucus barriers providing additional protection of the epithelial cells from invasion by infectious agents.  Essentially the anti-microbial factors present in colostrum bathe and protect the mucus membranes producing increased security against pathogens.  By supplementing our immune system with bovine colostrum we increase our ability to defend ourselves against things like virus, bacteria and fungus. 

    Bovine colostrum; nature’s first food that actually makes you feel better!

    Bovine colostrum; nature’s first food that actually makes you feel better! Listen to what our customers are saying about ADVANTAGE+...

    “I am writing to tell you all the benefits I have noticed since starting on the ADVANTAGE+ in April of this year. I suffer from well established fibromyalgia and have for at least since 1993. I am also a survivor of breast cancer and have my aches and pains relating to chemo/radiation treatments and subsequent surgery. Finally, I suffered a severe back injury in 1990 which has left residual damage to my spine musculature and affected my gait and have been left with hip and knee issues relating to compensatory movement. I have a chronic ache in my left hip and right knee which increased in intensity with activity. Let me begin by saying that immediately after taking colostrum, I noticed an increase in my energy level after a few days. I realized that I was sleeping and getting up feeling alert and ready to go. One of the issues with fibromyalgia is non restorative sleep. I often walked around in my ZOMBIE state ... I don’t do that much anymore. I feel rested and ready to go most days. I also noticed that my aches and pains have decreased and that the tenderness I sometimes felt at the surgical site (mastectomy) was less intense. After about 6 weeks I started to notice that my hip and knees were not as sore after walking and that the chronic pain in my hip was less intense. I found that when I had “overdone” my daily activity that the pain I got in my back would ease in less time. It didn’t go away completely, but considering I would usually go into a complete spasm often requiring several days of rest and/or a hospital visit with large doses of several medication, I now have some pain but after taking it easy for the rest of the day I am much improved and do not get the severe spasms. I have noticed a great many other benefits some subtle others very apparent; too many to list. I will continue to take the ADVANTAGE+ as for me it has greatly improved my quality of life.” Katherine S.

    “I have seen amazing results with ADVANTAGE+; my hot flashes are completely gone, my energy is amazing, I am down 4 inches and have not changed a thing in my diet. For years I have had to monitor lumps in my breast and after taking ADVANTAGE+ for a few months and to my doctor’s surprise, and my surprise, THEY were all GONE!.” Colleen C.

    “The changes I feel and have experienced are remarkable. My energy is better; I sleep a full night and feel ready to take on the day. I know that a healthy immune system helps our skin but I cannot get over how my face has changed. I’m in my 70’s and I can tell that fine lines have disappeared and my face glows and looks refreshed. Even my age spots on my hands are disappearing. The most remarkable change is my ability to climb stairs and get up from a crouching position without holding onto to something for support. My strength is back and my arthritic pain is much improved.” Helen I.

    “As a woman in her early 50’s I am experiencing general aging and pre-menopausal symptoms. ADVANTAGE+ colostrum has made me feel different and look different. First of all I can concentrate, focus and remember things like I used to. My hot flashes have nearly disappeared and my periods are back to normal in every sense of the word. I have also noticed that my skin feels softer and my face seems to look a little younger and more vibrant. Energy has never been a problem for me yet on colostrum, I notice that my stamina is much improved.” Carrie L.

    “I got a call from my friend who is on the ADVANTAGE+ colostrum and it is literally changing his life. He has some rare skin disorder where he breaks out into sores, and if he gets a cut or a knick, it scabs over horribly and takes months to heal. It's not a contagious condition however it’s not pleasant or easy to live with as you can imagine. I guess he goes to see a specialist regularly and has been on a myriad of medications for years and nothing has really helped or alleviated his symptoms. He wanted to thank me for the colostrum because his healing time and recovery rate is apparently through the roof! He had a couple cuts that he got and said that they healed up in 2 weeks, and it blew his mind. He said that something like this would usually take about 2 months and the sores he would have from it would be disproportionate to his injury. Two weeks instead of 2 months is pretty remarkable. He said overall his skin is much better and much healthier.“ Kyle V.

    “I have been on ADVANTAGE+ for around four months now. It has resolved so many things such as sleep apnoea, muscle and joint pain, endurance and much more. My overall health since being on the colostrum has miraculously changed. I now get a full eight hours of sleep a night, compared to four hours before taking colostrum. Arthritis runs in my family and I have always had trouble with muscle and joint pain. After being on ADVANTAGE+ for the first month, I wake up pain free, go to work pain free, work out pain free and go to sleep PAIN FREE! My allergies as a child and into my early adulthood had been very severe. ADVANTAGE+ solved that problem and I no longer have ANY allergy symptoms.” Josh L.

    “I’ve suffered with stomach problems all my life. I have tried everything under the sun and just came to peace with the fact that I was going to have stomach issues the rest of my life. I was introduced to ADVANATGE+ and could not believe it. My stomach issues are gone and I will forever be a loyal customer to ADVANTAGE+ for all the great benefits I have seen and felt.” Kyle V.

    “After dislocating my shoulder I turned to ADVANTAGE+ for additional healing and to my surprise within 4 days I had complete repair and range of motion back.” Mackenzie C.

    “I’m an athlete and have gained 11 lbs of lean muscle in one month after using ADVANTAGE+; it has been incredible. My energy is steady throughout the day. I have not felt better.” Rick C.

    “I have been dealing with stomach problems my whole life. Certain foods would be horrific to my stomach and leave me in pain for ages. Since taking ADVANTAGE+ my stomach is 100% and I have not dealt with any problems since.” Kevin C.

    These testimonials are from real people with real experiences and were voluntarily offered to us for this article.