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    On January 10, 1921, 16 gentlemen obtained a charter and on June 23, 1921 construction began on St. Clair Beach Limited, and a new 18 Hole Golf Course.

    To save confusion with the adjoining St. Clair Golf Club, (now Lakewood Golf Club), a new charter was obtained on October 6, 1921 under the name of Beach Grove Golf & Country Club. By August 19th of the following year (1922), the new Clubhouse and Golf Course were finally open to members.

    This original Clubhouse was however, destroyed by a fire on February 26, 1927. On June 18, 1927 a meeting of the members was called to consider a new Clubhouse. A Mortgage Corporation agreed to advance a sum of money with an agreement guaranteeing the members would undertake the mortgage. By July 18, we were ready to begin again and the first sod was turned for a new Clubhouse.

    Over the years, the Club has become known for an atmosphere of welcome and relaxed friendliness while maintaining commitments to conduct and appearance, language and relationships with others.




    Why Beach Grove