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    Bovine colostrum is an immune system stimulant and modulator. It can stimulate our immune systems in a multitude of ways but also has the ability to modulate the immune response, turning it up or down as needed. 

    Immune system disorders cause abnormally low activity or over activity of the immune system. In cases of immune system over activity, the body attacks and damages its own tissues (autoimmune diseases). In the case of immune deficiency, diseases can decrease the body's ability to fight invaders, causing vulnerability to infections.

    Some of the conditions that a healthy immune system protects against include;

    ALS · Anemia · Arthritis · Atherosclerosis · Autoimmune Conditions · Bacterial Infection · Bullous Pemphigoid · Campylobacter · Cancer · Candida Albicans · Chlamydia · Cholera · Chronic Fatigue Syndrome · Crohn’s Disease · Clostridium · Cystic Fibrosis · Diarrhea · Dysbiosis· Epstein Barr Virus · Fibromyalgia · Food Poisoning · Fungal Infection · Heart Disease · Hepatitis Herpes Virus · HIV · Influenza · Intestinal Parasites · Irritable Bowel Syndrome · Listeria · Multiple Sclerosis · Muscular Dystrophy · Osteoporosis · Overweight · Rheumatoid Arthritis · Rotavirus · Scleroderma · Shigella · Staphylococcus Aureus · Systemic Lupus Erythematosus · Ulcers · Viral Infection · Yeast Infection

    How does colostrum help your immune system?

    One of the primary functions of colostrum is improving gut health.  It is known that most potentially harmful diseases originate in our stomachs.  Orthobiosis (a term meaning balance) is a state whereby our intestines host a higher proportion of beneficial bacteria in comparison to harmful bacteria.  When our gut and intestinal track are out of balance, toxins and pathogens have the ability to move more freely into our bodies.   Colostrum is the best known remedy for all-around gut health. Its growth factors and hormones restore gut integrity and its immunoglobulins help to control harmful bacteria and fungi.  By strengthening the resolve of your gut condition, colostrum helps your immune system become balanced and better prepared to manage your health. 

    What does your immune system do?

    Our immune system defends us against infectious diseases and protects us against threats. These include viruses, bacteria and parasites causing infectious diseases.

    Why is immune support important?

    A balanced immune system is essential for long-term, sustained health and it requires specific nourishment to remain an effective force against pathogens and toxins.   When unbalanced our immune system becomes overworked by fighting off toxins and may eventually break down leaving us vulnerable to numerous illnesses and diseases.

    Currently we face new strains of bacteria and viruses that are resistant to existing antibiotics.  Further compromising our immune systems are things like chemical pollutants in our food, water and air.  We face highly processed nutrient deficient foods resulting in cell and digestive system degradation.  Our job and family stresses overpower our immune systems as does pushing our bodies beyond natural limits from excessive sport activities to normal aging.

    Millions of people today are in a constant state of immune-suppression.  This is largely due to stress of all kinds such as physical, mental and environmental.  Nutritional deficiencies exist because of devitalized food intake, exposure to pollution and pathogens, and many other outside forces.   As these causes accumulate, our immune system becomes weaker which can cause illness and infection.   Furthermore as we age, our immune system will gradually become less efficient unless we make the effort to take good care of ourselves.  Some of the signs to look out for that may indicate immune deficiency are; fatigue, loss of stamina and energy, swollen lymph nodes, frequent colds and infections, loss of appetite, weight loss, fever, night sweats, skin rashes, cold sores, and diarrhea.

    The good news is that we can restore and revitalize our own immune systems.  This can be achieved by eating a nutritious diet, reducing stress, getting proper rest, maintaining a positive attitude, washing our hands and by properly supplementing our immune system.

     A balanced and healthy immune system will work hard against:

    • Intestinal permeability
    • Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS)
    • Bacteria
    • Viruses
    • Fungi
    • Crohn’s Disease, Colitis
    • Infectious Disease
    • Diabetes
    • Autoimmune Disease
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Arthritis
    • Chronic Fatigue
    • Influenza
    • AIDS (HIV)
    • Heart Disease
    • Cancer
    • Weight gain
    • Aging and its affects
    • Inflammation


    What are disorders of the immune system?

    When the immune system does not function properly, it leaves the body susceptible to an array of diseases. Allergies and hypersensitivity to certain substances are considered immune system disorders. Other examples of immune disorders include:

    • autoimmune diseases, such as juvenile diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and anemia
    • immune complex diseases, such as viral hepatitis and malaria
    • immunodeficiency diseases, such as acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)


    The above information is provided for the purpose of providing information about ADVANTAGE+ This  product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease except as may be recommended by a health care professional.  The above information is not intended to, nor should it, replace the services or recommendations of a physician or other qualified health care professional. We encourage you to speak to your health care professionals about our product and to follow their advice and recommendations. Individuals with specific health problems or who are pregnant are advised to consult their physician before taking colostrum.