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    Become a Ground Team Affiliate!


    ·         You have felt the difference ADVANTAGE+ makes and are confident that people will benefit from our products

    ·         You are a people person who likes to share your knowledge with others

    ·         You are an independent thinker and worker

    ·         You want to be part of a growing business that values alternative, safe, effective and healthy products

    ·         You want an opportunity to have unlimited earning potential

    The benefits of becoming a Ground Team Affiliate

    ·         We provide you with your own E-Store that is an exact duplicate of our main store www.mannax.ca

    ·         We provide you with your starter kit of business cards and marketing materials to help you let people know about ADVANTAGE+ and to grow your business

    ·         We provide product knowledge information training and helpful market penetration support

    ·         We handle all incoming orders from the sales transaction through to customer shipping

    ·         We encourage you to expand your market penetration so that you can continually grow your sales

    ·         Your earnings are based on your sales performance and all of your commissions are deposited directly to your Pay Pal account

    ·         We continually update, support and manage our Ground Team Affiliates to ensure you have the very best opportunity to succeed.

    How does this work?

    1.    We provide an e-commerce store to each Ground Team Affiliate (GTA).  This store will have a unique domain that will be associated with you so that your customers will buy from your store.

    2.    This store is owned and administered by Manna X Inc.

    3.    Each GTA will receive the use of a store at no charge.

    4.    When customers place their orders on your designated e-commerce site, our administration team will fulfil the order and ship it to your customers for you.  You never have to handle the product.

    5.    Every time an order is placed through your e-commerce store, you will earn commissions.  The more you sell the higher your commission percentage will be.

    6.    At the end of each month the total amount of sales is calculated and the commissions owed to you are transferred directly to your PayPal account. Please allow 5 business days after the end of each month for your sales to be calculated and commissions to be transferred.  We will also email you a complete summary of your sales each month.

    7.    All new GTA’s will receive a starter kit to help you sell ADVANTAGE+.  This kit will include business cards and product information handouts.

    8.    All GTA’s will be given product information, sales training and continuous sales support to ensure success.

    Commission Structure

    Total Monthly Sales Commission – percentage of total monthly sales  (does not include shipping/handling or taxes)

    $0 - $500.00




    $1201.00 - $2000.00


    $2001.00- $2800.00




    What is expected of our Ground Team Affiliates?

    ·         Our GTA’s will have enjoyed the benefits of ADVANTAGE+ and the ability to share their experience with others

    ·         Every GTA will have a network of friends and associates through personal contact, social media and other methods in order to build public awareness and brand awareness

    ·         By sharing your designated e-commerce store web address you will help your new customers know where to buy the product

    ·         GTA’s will be encouraged to provide product presentations to groups and associations and will be provided a power point presentation and other tools to make the event  successful

    ·         GTA’s may engage in appropriate trades shows to build their market share

    Contact us

    If you want to learn more about our Reseller program and are thinking about becoming a Ground Team Affiliate please contact us at: info@mannax.ca